Monday, October 10, 2011

The Great Game

Language is generous when it comes to tasks of the heart. Other organs have just one term for their functions. The kidney filters, the lung oxygenates and the stomach digests. But the hopeless romanticism of man has provided the heart with an endless litany of possibilities. And so a heart can gallop. A heart can beat, hammer, pump, drum, melt or sink. Or break. A heart can be burned out of someone. And that’s worse than death, that’s worse than boredom, that’s worse than sleep.



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Magali said...

i like you whole blog page so far. truth exrepssed with righteous bias formed by the media one is exposed to. yet i find myself interested to hear what you have to say in you poems. i sense originality that has been said before simply expressed differently but the way you say it makes it new. interesting. thank you for writting this.

tiaolou004 said...

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JaySpillz said...

Nice post, I just don't understand where the last sentence is coming from.

Sơn Trần said...

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Pawan Kumar said...

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Aditi Agarwal said...

This was beautiful!
You have the quality to turn simple, meaningless words into poetry.

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Brandy Jiang said...

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Karolina Zet said...

This thought... So inspiring